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"The King will reply, 'Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.'      Matthew 25:40


In 2017 there was a terrible drought and SBSG  ministries bought 100 lb bag of maize and  family was asked to bring something to carry it back to their homes. They used head scarves or anything they could find and each one got a container full.  SBSG also passed out beans in remote arid desert villages of Kenya.





"Pure religion in the sight of God means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and those most vulnerable." 

James 1:27

Soccer balls for the church, prison and schools

The Village

Something Beautiful Something Good's 2nd core ministry target.

There are many, many ways to get involved. Something Beautiful Something Good Ministries wants to create lasting effects in the lives of the village people. Sharing the hope of Jesus Christ, providing clean drinking water, and donating livestock to families so they can create a trade to pass on to their children have been successful contributions that we would like to continue working at.  Each year we take teams to Kenya to share, strengthen and support the people in remote villages. There are so many ways to help because the need is so great. A little goes a long way in helping the people of Kenya.

SBSG Pandemic Response

Something Beautiful Something Good Ministries was able to strengthen and support Faith Family Church Mgeno with emergency food and water during the Covid-19 world wide outbreak in March of 2020.


Pastor Amon not only oversees all the work of his own church, but he also diligently oversees the work of SBSG Ministry. Under his direction, food, water, and other essential needs are being met. We are thankful for his obedience to the Lord and the integrity of his heart.


Because of generous friends and partners, SBSG Ministries was able to come along side HEART and help to provide food security during this unprecedented emergency time, for these HIV infected women .


Well Update

Water has come to Mgeno. The well was dug and an underground river was found. God is good.   The ribbon was  cut in February 2020, right before the pandemic lockdowns started. Lifegiving  water was accessible for the people of Mgeno through the Covid-19 emergency and from then on. This is a wonderful accomplishment for SBSG and it's partners.  



Kids (baby goats) cover the cost of Uniforms for children.  SBSG's KUC program is a $60 one time donation,  that helps impoverished families have the means to pay for their child's school uniform through a goat breeding program, which without they would not be able to attend school. Make sure to add "KUC" as a note when you donate to this specific cause.



Another happy family to receive a rooster and a chicken to help feed them. Because of compassionate friends like you. $30 is the one time cost  supporters have to give for a impoverished family to receive a both a rooster and hen.




Sanitary pads and purity teaching for girls "Royal Love for Girls" is just one more way SBSG ministries is helping young ladies stay in school without missing lessons for a lack of female hygienic supplies. Only $30 for a year supply ! If you would like to donate to this specific cause please click on the "Donate" button and note "RLG" before submitting.



A 10,000 liter water tank purchased by Something Beautiful Something Good Ministries for Gutuine village in Kenya is pictured here. This Village was in desperate need of clean water to help eradicate diseases brought on by water borne bacteria. This tank, along with two others donated by SBSG Ministries in other villages, has provided area families water harvesting with the benefits of clean water to drink and for every day hygiene tasks (such as bathing, brushing teeth, washing dishes. etc.)